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Advanced Boat Handling

Getting a bigger boat? Upgrading your skills? Want to ditch your captain and have some privacy? Looking to get qualified for your insurance company? Using my years of experience as a Royal Navy instructor and professional yacht captain and coach, I will train you to captain your own boat. Docking, collision avoidance, anchoring, navigation, and safety. I train owners and captains like yourself to insurance company standards.

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About the Program

Focus on 30-70ft+ powerboats

Training for Captain + Crewmember

Typically two full days

Navigating busy channels

Boat traffic risk reduction

Task management + safety

Requirements & Experience

Must provide the boat for training

Flexible for 1-3 days of instruction

5 or more years on a 30ft+ boat

Locations Available

San Diego, CA

Newport Beach, CA

San Francisco, CA

Miami, FL

Tampa, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Newport, RI

Norfolk, NJ

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

How to Reserve

Follow this link to set up a consultation with your instructor and find a time that is convenient for you!

Client Review

"In a single full day session I went from total beginner to confidently docking my boat. I can't believe how much I had to learn and David was an amazing coach.  It was really fun too!"

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