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Confidence in boating is everything.

Expert boat training from former Navy Instructor Officer
Essential docking and undocking skills
Boating operations, anchoring, navigation, med mooring
Look cool, be safer and have more fun!

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Royal Navy Yachtmaster is a nationwide, private boat, in-person training program focused on stress-free docking/undocking and practical boat operations that include task management and navigating busy channels.

Royal Navy Yachtmaster, David Morris has instructed naval officers and private owners on how to confidently drive, dock and navigate everything from warships to single-engine private boats. Our approach is based on the time-tested principles of boating safety and maritime law, combined with the practical experience of a former Royal Navy instructor and warship driving officer.


We don’t merely offer a “few pointers”. Instead, we provide an immersive, transformational experience with guaranteed results.


As a RESULT of your training you will be: 1) Confident 2) Safe 3) Having more fun… and looking cool!

World class coach.  Would HIGHLY recommend to new boat owners and experienced boaters alike!

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Private boat coach in San Diego.jpg

I had previous boating experience but never anything as big as this.  Dave gave me skills and confidence to dock her in 20-knots of crosswind without breaking a sweat!


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